Ben Okri's Approach To Writing

" is what the story does to you in the taking you somewhere, that the story is about..." Just one of the many wonderful statements his makes.


  1. Solomonsydelle and Starsew: Thanks for your comments; a clip to watch over and over.

  2. I must admit when I saw this last week I did not listen because the picture was intense and reminded me of something- someone perhaps. Well I braced myself this week and I am glad I listend to Bens words....I like the way he sums it all up.

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  4. How did I miss this writing post last week? It was a time. I loved what Okri says about a story not being a beginning, a middle and an end but, “an interval in the enchantment of living.” Thanks for sharing.

  5. What does he say in the end. I could not follow somehow.


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