To Thine Own Self Be True

It is the most validating thing you can do. Do you ever feel out of balance? Like you’ve been running ragged, trying to live up to someone else’s vision for your life? Juggling roles throughout life – daughter, son, father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, team manager, coworker, boss, friend volunteer… You can get into alignment. Just like tires need alignment, you can align and get to living your life like it’s not a dress rehearsal. With some personal development work, you can find your lane, live life “on purpose.” In Beyoncé’s words: "Long live the king, you a king, you know it. King already, already, you know it. Mind, body, soul, got a king body." Just Go Ahead and align already. xoxox,

Creative Adventure: My Crafts Business

It is always like this: after you start something you discover you love, you ask yourself why did I not begin sooner? The crafts business that I launched in November, 2020, is sprouting and stretching.   It all began with a friend's request:  "You must do something with your penmanship!" That led to intentional conversations...and the universe was captivated!  God put me in the midst of people who want to create and install fresh ideas. Three months later, cross-pollination is occurring.  Like a bee, moving from flower to flower, trailing pollen, borrowing ideas to create new ones,  my imagination is profiting and my creativity is soaring.  And my writing is calling me! "...openness to experiences can sometimes be related to creativity.  After all, being creative requires doing something you have not done before.  If you are not willing to do something new, then it is hard to be creative." Read More .  I have decided I am not going to ask why did I not start soo

On Voice and Dissonance

Can you trust what you see in your mirror? Yesterday, I was prompted to reflect deeper on Who Hana Is and Why she does what she does - from the most unexpected source. I had sought the assistance of a personal branding consultant with the intention of executing on goals I have set for 2021. Maybe I knew that personal branding delves beyond beautiful selfies and orchestrated photo shoots but that knowledge was superficial.  Within five minutes of the virtual meeting, there was a disturbance in the atmosphere of my heart. The swelling in my chest gave way to emotions welled up for: 1) the chronically homesick twenty-something African girl who was forced to work as an au pair for a single boss lady mom of a precocious five year old in Englewood, NJ; 2) the thirty-something year old wife, mother and (finally) college graduate whose dreams were still on hold; 3) the forty-something year old pre menopausal with emotions hovering a few centimeters above or below reality; who took a year off t

My Body Is A Garden

Mother Nature has given us this challenge. We are fighting it with terms of imprisonment. Lockdown. Quarantine. Isolation. I am cultivating seeds of compassion in this war.  I am planting bulbs tolerant of cold temperatures, resistant to threats of frost, that will grow deep roots to anchor us against the ephemeral fashions of the world. Mother Nature gives and she takes.   It is time to listen.  My body is a garden.  Let me honor the flora and the fauna, enzymes that secure my immunity.   Embrace the journey, make better decisions.  Protect humankind. xoxoxo Mama Shujaa

Why I Do What I Do

Watch my short video here: Mama Shujaa xoxox

My Kilimanjaro Poem

 Honored to be published with others here: Cheers! Hana. 

Delicate Skies

Before dawn the rare hum and soft roar of an airplane rose, among the living and the dead. My mountain cabin  coffee bathed my throat as I pondered the peculiar lull that has taken over the skies in the past few months.  But now do we have a subdued and healthier ozone layer? Mama Shujaa xoxoxo