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Ponder Your Navel

This post is dedicated to our ex. Have you ever had the opportunity to tell someone, "Go jump in a lake!?" It's a plus when you can tell them exactly what lake too! For instance, Lake Magadi , back home in Kenya's Rift Valley would work perfectly because in the dry season it is 80% full of soda ash, a.k.a. washing soda. Our ex can just jump in there and be cleansed thoroughly of the senseless behaviour that has been the source of such negative energy that has caused the untimely death of our vanpool. Photo credit When someone sets out to kill a van, containing a load of professionals trying to get to and from work expeditiously, stress-free, while reducing traffic congestion and fuel consumption, that person needs to go jump in Lake Magadi!! Photo credit In Lake Magadi they can scrub the toxins off the flesh, and then maybe, just maybe, they can return to reclaim their self-ascribed "salt of the earth" status. I don't think we'd ta

Teachable Moments

This old man and this old woman, they played knick knack on my drum this weekend. And with the knick knack, they paddy whacked me. So much so, I ended up without a bone ! I had to settle for a measly nanosecond of an opportunity to rise up; to beat my drums the way I was taught by Mama. African-style with rhythm and flair in remembrance of Bibi's [grandma's] teachings. This old man and this old woman, played knick knack on my drum this weekend, in Greenville, South Carolina, whose State motto incidentally, is the Latin proverb, Dum Spiro Spero , "While I breathe, I hope." It was our first visit to the city; our kitindamimba [last born] was playing in an elite youth soccer tournament. And play well he did; he turned it on, gave his team the striker mmpphh! they needed up front, for four convincing wins and a terrific Final Championship game. Kudos to the boys for winning, through the rain! The rain was like a dance, this weekend. It came and went, and except

English as a Second Language

An English grammar session in the Nigerian House of Representatives. Listen keenly to the third politician, you might need your dictionary...:-) Enjoy the weekend.

2010 World Cup African Qualifiers

Lovers of soccer, fanatics, Africans in the Diaspora, there is an outlet for your pent up demand for the good game. It is crunch time, qualifier matches for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and CAF's Cup of Nations (Angola 2010), are on this weekend. And AllSoccerAfrica in partnership with Sport Five and My African Football presents the matches to you LIVE online. Will both Cameroon and Nigeria (the giants of the African game) get kicked out of contention? Can Ghana and Ivory lock-up their spots? Click HERE for all the action this weekend as Africa's finest do battle. Saturday Sept 5th. Malawi v Guinea 8.30 am EST. Rwanda v Egypt 9.30 am EST. Gabon v Cameroon 10.30 am EST. Ivory Coast v Burkina-Faso 1.00 pm EST. Sunday Sept 6th. Mozambique v Kenya 9.00am EST. Benin v Mali 11.00am EST. Togo v Morocco 11.30am, EST. Nigeria v Tunisia 12.00 noon, EST. Ghana v Sudan 1.00pm, EST. Algeria v Zambia 5.00pm EST. All matches streamed live at AllSoccerAfrica....yeah! Check your local listi

Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward

I received these oldies from a friend recently. Take a look at some of Africa's matunda [fruits] of independence and the interesting headlines. (Weekly Review, Oct. 1976) Current President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, pictured above, two years before he was appointed Vice President by Daniel Arap Moi who had just taken over the Presidency, following the death of founding President, Jomo Kenyatta in August, 1978. Kibaki has over thirty-one years of experience in politics, as cabinet minister, Vice-President and then President. (Drum Magazine, August 1986) "Zimbabwe, along with Kenya, have become the success stories of Africa. There aren't many?" - a quote taken from the above article, click the snapshot to read in its entirety. President Robert Mugabe today at the ripe old age of 85 is still going strong after 29 years in public office, having served as Prime Minister, then President. "Kibaki’s Challenge" and "The Men Who Must Make Peace." Here we a