2010 World Cup African Qualifiers

Lovers of soccer, fanatics, Africans in the Diaspora, there is an outlet for your pent up demand for the good game. It is crunch time, qualifier matches for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and CAF's Cup of Nations (Angola 2010), are on this weekend. And AllSoccerAfrica in partnership with Sport Five and My African Football presents the matches to you LIVE online.

Will both Cameroon and Nigeria (the giants of the African game) get kicked out of contention? Can Ghana and Ivory lock-up their spots?

Click HERE for all the action this weekend as Africa's finest do battle.

Saturday Sept 5th.

Malawi v Guinea 8.30 am EST.
Rwanda v Egypt 9.30 am EST.
Gabon v Cameroon 10.30 am EST.
Ivory Coast v Burkina-Faso 1.00 pm EST.

Sunday Sept 6th.

Mozambique v Kenya 9.00am EST.
Benin v Mali 11.00am EST.
Togo v Morocco 11.30am, EST.
Nigeria v Tunisia 12.00 noon, EST.
Ghana v Sudan 1.00pm, EST.
Algeria v Zambia 5.00pm EST.

All matches streamed live at AllSoccerAfrica....yeah! Check your local listings for kick-off updates.


  1. I'm always amazed at the energy, spirit, and skill that goes into a soccer game. I think we have missed out as a culture-because we don't appreciate the game enough. When my husband and I were in Trinidad a couple of years ago (doing interviews and research), we all got caught up in the national spirit that the game communicated. Still, I miss the actual understanding of the game. Have fun celebrating your favorite teams, MS. Also, thank you for you engaging comments on Oasis Writing Link. Your visits are so welcome. <3


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