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Special Needs

My baby taught me a lesson last Sunday but one. A lesson so sweet it should be a dream summoned for sleepless nights and mundane days. When I think about the arm twisting that went on, what I promised in order for him to accompany me to the Christening’s after party - because he wanted to stay and watch Ogochukwu battle it out with aliens on the Xbox360 - I realize that kweli hindsight is 20-20 and he probably would not have given me such a hard time, had he been able to see into the future. Since we had set out early we took the long route, driving down a windy road through lush neighborhoods with green lawns, some were large enough to graze horses and we saw a few lazily munching the balmy afternoon away. We arrived at the house promptly as was requested on the Evite - 3:00 pm, exactly fifteen minutes before the hostess and the food (thankfully some was already prepared, like the mind-blowing Jamaican Roti). Anyway, her groovy husband had graciously let us in, phoned to tell her

Kenya Open 4 Business Dot Com

The 2nd Kenya Diaspora International Conference, Building a Knowledged-Based Economy , is just two weeks away. As a member of the organizing committee I am thrilled to once again, share our phenomenal list of speakers. I encourage you to attend this premier conference and business networking event! The Kenya ICT Board has identified the Digital Content Industry as the most important area of growth in the ICT sector in the creation of a viable World Class knowledge-based economy. The Board therefore has developed this strategy to capitalise on this opportunity. Come and listen to Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information & Communications deliver the keynote address: Building a Knowledge-Based Society in Kenya . In addition, Strathmore University-Strathmore Business School has teaching and consultancy positions. Come hear Dr. Mungai, Dean, Strathmore Business School and Dr. Marwanga, Dean, Faculty of Information Tech discuss the possibilities. Kenya is pos