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Why I Do What I Do

Watch my short video here: Mama Shujaa xoxox

My Kilimanjaro Poem

 Honored to be published with others here: Cheers! Hana. 

Delicate Skies

Before dawn the rare hum and soft roar of an airplane rose, among the living and the dead. My mountain cabin  coffee bathed my throat as I pondered the peculiar lull that has taken over the skies in the past few months.  But now do we have a subdued and healthier ozone layer? Mama Shujaa xoxoxo

Beneath Georgia Skies

  For Dennis’ birthday we came up for a breath of fresh air, to the tallest waterfall in Georgia. Breathtaking.  As we walked a short trail to the Falls it brought back memories of our homelands - Nigeria for him and the muddy slippery village trails of his childhood. Tanzania for me and my paternal grandparents’village Marangu, which sits on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.  At dusk, we sat on the patio to our room at the Lodge. The repetitive call and response of tree frogs drowns out the hushed silence as the sun sinks into the horizon.  It brought back memories of when we sat on the balcony of my apartment in NYC overlooking the Hudson River (sans the tree frogs) in 1984.  I’m grateful for our lifelong journey my Beloved ❤️ Happy Birthday. Mama Shujaa xoxox