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Who Will Raise This Child

This summer, our hectic travel experience was eased by the Airport Art Program at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. We made time to take a leisurely walk through the Zimbabwe: A Tradition In Stone permanent art collection of twenty contemporary stone sculptures from Zimbabwe. You can read more about the collection here . Who Will Raise The Child by Gladman Zinyeka. Photo:Mama Shujaa, Hartsfield Int'l Airport I like this perspective of Exercising Man . Photo Credit Wiki njema! Mama Shujaa.

Exercising Man

Excercising Man, by Sylvester Mubayi. Photo by Mama Shujaa, Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta, June 7, 2010 Exercising Man, the anatomy of your body entices my senses; right-angled legs splayed, almost erect. A trunk, flaring in fleshy fullness, growing out of the mass of a boulder from the great house of stone , hinged on right-angled legs splayed, almost erect. A head, carved into shoulders, conjoined for the purpose moving my eyes with fluidity, to the drama of your right-angled legs splayed, almost erect. A highly polished finish, a curved form with carefully placed crevices that create tension, and dramatic relief. Exercising Man, you stretch and lure me into an exploration of your latent energy, and the flow of the rhythm that makes Zimbabwe stone sculpture so powerful in its form. Mama Shujaa.