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The dock

This morning I stood on the small dock.  I accommodated my concerns for a few minutes. Then I cast them into the murky depths of the lake.  I meditated upon God’s will and my getting out past the harbor into the great depths of knowing things for myself. Growing and developing spiritual discernment.  Happiness is the joy you feel, when moving towards your potential. Onwards and Upwards! What do you do? What tools do you use? To meet the demands of your dreams? xoxox

I am Woman

I am woman. I am not a strong woman I do not have girl magic I am more vast than strength and magic. Sometimes, I want to be protected, to be vulnerable, to be desired, to be understood; within contexts that display the depth and scope that I am. Because #BlackGirlMagic does not Always help me in my day to day. But I do strive to use all of my might and ability to be fully present in order to capture snapshots of brilliance within me. Who is the woman I am becoming? My Truest Authentic Freed Self.

Music As A Form of Transportation

Not everyone got admitted into the DJ Booth back when Club Harambee dominated the nightlife in New York City.   I did, and it felt special, cool and exclusive.  This was in the late 80s, early 90s and the highly sought after DJ Beto, had a permanent the gig at hottest African spot in town.  His music was kicking every weekend! It represented a variety of countries from all over the continent.  It transported us back to the motherland, with our homesickness. And we felt a sense of belonging, even if for a few hours, like we were beneath African skies. Shaking our bodies, dropping our bones to our ancestors. Those were powerful days in our thriving as newbie immigrants in America.  Never to be forgotten. We were babies in this photo. In our twenties, all decked out in grand style.  Every week, we'd show up at Club Harambee to have a couple drinks, dance and network with so many amazing people.  We had the good life.  And decades later, DJ Beto is still kicking it with the best Africa

Shifting Identity

When I have time to think and dream... I think about my novel. It is about geographic and social mobility.  It is about characters who try to find their rightful "place" in post-colonial Africa. And immigrants in America who try to find "belonging." It is about Outsiders and Insiders.   The stratification of society, Caste, Class, Culture, Ethnicity. It explores trust, adaptability and creativity.  Passages and Boundaries. It is about duality of being (fence-straddling) and the ambivalence (unsettledness) of it all.   Do you know what Identity does to people?  According to Seth Godin: "Identity is often used against us.   Identity feels permanent, powerful, emotional and fragile.  Evolving our choices and our tastes is part of being human. Establishing your identity as someone who is not static, open to change and eager for better makes it far easier to engage in a world where some would prefer us to do precisely the opposite." Part 1 of 3 is underway and


What I have learned is that vibrancy comes from wellness, wellbeing, good health, and confidence, to name a few elements. As I approach my sixties, I am more self aware than ever. Four years ago, I took charge of my own health, and began my wellness journey. Of the multiple roles I take on in my daily life, number one is now to put myself first. Self care is not selfish. “Put your mask on first,” hubby always used to remind me. Or, “if I had what you have, Hana, I’d be so far...” I never quite GOT what he was talking about. But I’m glad he stuck with me long enough for me to get it. Let’s see how much light we can shine on things. It’s like a song. You hear the words but you cannot memorize them, but every cell in your body gets the melody. And your body vibes to it until the words sink in and become the soundtrack of your life. Lawyers need CLE. Doctors need CME. Nurses need some kind of continuing Ed. Professionals in general. And we all are professionals: we earn our “living” from