Music As A Form of Transportation

Not everyone got admitted into the DJ Booth back when Club Harambee dominated the nightlife in New York City.  

I did, and it felt special, cool and exclusive. 

This was in the late 80s, early 90s and the highly sought after DJ Beto, had a permanent the gig at hottest African spot in town.  His music was kicking every weekend! It represented a variety of countries from all over the continent.  It transported us back to the motherland, with our homesickness.
And we felt a sense of belonging, even if for a few hours, like we were beneath African skies. Shaking our bodies, dropping our bones to our ancestors. Those were powerful days in our thriving as newbie immigrants in America.  Never to be forgotten.

We were babies in this photo. In our twenties, all decked out in grand style.  Every week, we'd show up at Club Harambee to have a couple drinks, dance and network with so many amazing people.  We had the good life.  And decades later, DJ Beto is still kicking it with the best African jams (via zoom). 

It is throwback Thursday and I am so grateful for friends that understand your past, believe in your future, and accept you just the way you are.  Salute to lifetime friends.  



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