What I have learned is that vibrancy comes from wellness, wellbeing, good health, and confidence, to name a few elements.

As I approach my sixties, I am more self aware than ever. Four years ago, I took charge of my own health, and began my wellness journey.
Of the multiple roles I take on in my daily life, number one is now to put myself first.
Self care is not selfish.
“Put your mask on first,” hubby always used to remind me. Or, “if I had what you have, Hana, I’d be so far...” I never quite GOT what he was talking about.
But I’m glad he stuck with me long enough for me to get it. Let’s see how much light we can shine on things.
It’s like a song. You hear the words but you cannot memorize them, but every cell in your body gets the melody. And your body vibes to it until the words sink in and become the soundtrack of your life.
Lawyers need CLE. Doctors need CME. Nurses need some kind of continuing Ed. Professionals in general. And we all are professionals: we earn our “living” from performing activities that improve our wellbeing.
You and I need continuing wellness education.
First and foremost I begin my day with my Heavenly Father.
Because he’s the one that puts the blessings forth - in my mouth, in my thoughts, in my actions.
I will pause here, lest I take up too much of your school (lol I typed scroll) time.
In closing, I am compiling info and doing a survey on wellness in my community and would love to answer any questions you might have with regard to living your best life 😃


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