Shifting Identity

When I have time to think and dream...

I think about my novel.

It is about geographic and social mobility. 

It is about characters who try to find their rightful "place" in post-colonial Africa.

And immigrants in America who try to find "belonging."

It is about Outsiders and Insiders.  

The stratification of society,

Caste, Class, Culture, Ethnicity.

It explores trust, adaptability and creativity. 

Passages and Boundaries.

It is about duality of being (fence-straddling) and the ambivalence (unsettledness) of it all.  

Do you know what Identity does to people? 

According to Seth Godin: "Identity is often used against us.  Identity feels permanent, powerful, emotional and fragile. Evolving our choices and our tastes is part of being human. Establishing your identity as someone who is not static, open to change and eager for better makes it far easier to engage in a world where some would prefer us to do precisely the opposite."

Part 1 of 3 is underway and I find Godin's insight relevant and interesting. 



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