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Looking to slice it in 2013

2012 reshaped one of the prized items on my daily menu: time to write. One hour (or two) before dawn became the only glowingly productive time spent.  After-work hours just rolled over and played dead, annihilated by quality time with the family or the plain vegging of a worn out employee. My blogging got stuffed into my shoebox like a favorite toy, to be unpacked at the slightest hint of an excuse. And so here I am, under my own very expectant eyes, posting again with new impulse, as a soon-to-be anthologized author.   African Roar 2012 , is the third in a series of annual anthologies dedicated to publishing short fiction by African writers, edited by Emmanuel Sigauke and Ivor W. Hartmann, published by StoryTime. I am inspired that my short story is included in the collection. Release date: December 20, 2012 as an eBook. The print edition will be out in 2013. I have missed the exchange of ideas and inspiration from visiting your blogs this year. 2012's daily grind got