What Remains is What Matters

What remains is all muddled up. Bodies crushed concrete. Faces broken haunting. Will the grief ever go away?

What remains is bewilderment. This most recent devastation, like its predecessors, distinguishes itself as a crippler of a nation.

What remains is for us to keep caring, keep loving, keep giving, keep remembering, with and for the people of Haiti.

To keep remembering what remains is what matters:

Mingi Love,

Mama Shujaa.


  1. Wise words. They inspired me very much. I've missed reading your blogs. I've been away for a bit. Hope you are well!!

  2. Todd: Great to read from you. I've missed you as well. Good to see you are back I see, with some wonderful, fun, new creations.

  3. thank you for this. I read a lady's testimony of what happened to her and her now deceased 20 yo daughter and I was in tears, again, last night. My hubby had to turn off the computer.

    I confess, I try to numb myself from it all and do the little I can, but, once I let myself go there, it's nothing but tears... God's mercy on the people of Haiti.

  4. Solomonsydelle: It is such an unbearable ache. But. I take comfort in the fact that I still have use of my beating heart, torn up as it is, and as you say 'do the little that i can'.

  5. I have no doubt that a new life will emerge from this dried up village. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Well said. The images of Haiti are haunting and disturbing. I hope the aid will rebuild Haiti so that the poor and ill are better served. The tragedy need not have taken so many lives, and there were many who were suffering and ignored before the earthquakes struck.

  7. Nii: Yes, I firmly believe that as well. I just would like to hear from the leadership of Haiti now, at this moment of need.

    Sarah: Indeed we all hope so because I know for sure there is enough blame to go around.

  8. Not entirely sure about changing things from the top from certain places; Hopefuly people blogging about where we could make donations etc will make the most difference now.

  9. Thank you for the solidarity, Mama S!
    "What remains is for us to keep caring, keep loving, keep giving, keep remembering, with and for the people of Haiti." Amen.

    Mingi Love und Liebe Gruesse,



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