Africa Cup of Nations Angola 2010

The Africa Cup of Nations 2010 kicked off yesterday with the opening match between host Angola and Mali. With Angola leading 4-0 at the 74 minute mark, the end result at full time was unbelievable. I don't think I've ever watched a top draw soccer match featuring such a comeback.

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The tournament continued today with another shocker: Malawi defeated Algeria 3-0; and Cup favorites Ivory Coast were held to a 0-0 draw by Burkina Faso.

On Tuesday, Jan. 12,  Nigeria's Super Eagles take on the Egyptian Pharaohs; and Mozambique will tackle Benin. On Wednesday, Jan. 13, Cameroon v. Gabon; and Tunisia v. Zambia.

The matches are not televised in the U.S., but you can watch them all live at, click on the myafricanfootball banner or the Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2010 banner. If you like fantasy sports, participate in the African Cup of Nations 2010 Fantasy League here: create a team, pick eleven players and manage your team, let's see how good you are. I have my team squared away - Mobasababes - check out my players. And you can join the private league called All Soccer Africa (under the My Fantasy League tab).

Happy New Year!

Mama Shujaa.


  1. Thanks for the much needed info. Way to go !

    So good to know that outside of getting sore fingers trying to find the live matches on our expanded cable channels there is a place we can all go to watch the tournament.

    Thanks for the option so now instead of sorting through the reality shows for something real and refreshing, this is just the cool cup of Africa we need.

    Ahhhh Asante.

  2. Karibu sana. So, from now until the 31st, it's on!

    I hope the African representatives for the World Cup will take this opportunity to fine tune their skills. So far they've been disappointing.

    Algeria got trashed by underdog Malawi 3-0, Nigeria dismantled by Egypt 3-1, Ivory Coast could only manage a draw 0-0 to Burkina Faso. Cameroon plays tomorrow, lets see how they do. Ghana has not played...

    Other than that, there have been plenty of goals.

    My ladies and some gentlemen out there, have you seen the jerseys on the players? Oh, Man!!! Those PUMA body fitting jerseys are killing me softly...LOL! Wonder why Nigeria accepted those loose fitting ADIDAS jerseys...LOL. Wonder how much work I am going to get done this month; I'd rather spend my free time catching up on athletic 22 men running around in tight jerseys chasing a ball, ha!

    Are you gonna play the Fantasy game? My team is beating hubby's team with all his mouth!

  3. Ah, so it’s footie that’s distracting you from blogging. I’ve missed you.

  4. Oh, Sarah, thanks. But not for much longer will this distraction have a hold on me. :-)


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