We are constantly evolving

This morning as I was leaving for the job:
Hubby:  “You forgot your wig!”
No, I’m going in like this!” pointing to my freshly twisted locs. 
Hubby: “cool.”

Isn’t it amazing how we are constantly evolving? A lot of us women did not get the memo for years…that our lives belong to us. We’ve allowed that instinct to prevail, that we need a permission slip from the principals office to do anything in life. 

But now I’m in my 50s (for a while now) and I’ve evolved and I am liberating myself. 
I am taking ownership and responsibility for my journey in life. And my natural hair, silver grey in its hue is as purposeful as every other atom in my body, as the planet. 

Hubby is unlearning with me, that habitual non-productive thinking. Yes I have wigs. I don them like hats. They are standard accessories. They are called in for a purpose. 

Just like we all get the call: 
What have I come here to do with my life? 

Our purpose is to thrive with love. 
The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are deep down in your soul. 
As Jean Houston says:  The Soul Is The Lure of 
Our Becoming.


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