Roads and Trees


I am writing a novel.

As I walk through my already written work, rewriting - scenes to be added or taken out - it is a revelation to me how many times roads and trees come up. 

Tarmac roads, murram (dirt) roads - which way do they lead? Inwards or outwards? 

Roads are a force, static yet powerful, causing movement. 

The major conflict in the book is duality of being. The cultural, spiritual, psychological, emotional identity of the protagonist and others. Identities are revealed through the setting.  


Spring is upon us here in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Dogwoods are in bloom. 

This photo reminds me of my childhood in Nairobi, when the Jacaranda trees and their purple trumpet shaped blossoms littered the roads...

It pulls me to my center, the subconscious, my muse. 


  1. All OK here. Thanks for your message. Congrats on your novel-writing! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Oh Hi!!! So good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by. I realize how much I have missed my friends from long time glad you are ok. And thank you. I am excited to share and receive feedback... :)


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