I am an International Woman

The time of day when the sun is high above the horizon, is my favorite instance of time. 

Today is a day remembered especially for women. I add my voice to the thousands praising.

As we pause to take stock of all that we have accomplished for the good of man and wo(man), I pause to pay homage to Mama Shujaa, my blog.  

We launched in November of 2008 and I called her Mama Shujaa (Mother Courage, in Kiswahili). I did so because I knew I needed courage, it was not something I naturally possessed. I intentionally sought it and over the years, I have learned that God is the greatest source of courage. I am thankful today, for courage. I trust God completely with his plan for my life.

Be like the midday sun with its renewing energy that shimmers and kisses, and brings things into focus. 

Things that must be done with joyful anticipation of new days and new dawns.  


Mama Shujaa


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