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As you complete your memoir, please tell me, again. Tell me about the passion that resulted in a tragedy, in one act, the prize-winning scar. Remind me about the manuscript I helped type: Ripples in the pool, that unleashed a plethora of discourses on the protagonist, a prostitute, a mother... and quests for origins. Revive in me the drama surrounding the discovery of the hypocrite amongst us. Was that indeed a turning point in life?

Tell me
about Kenyan women heroes like you, and their mystical power. So that I may continue to be inspired by my uriithi; rooted in East Africa, transmuted in the Diaspora.
So that I am reminded of the significance of correcting stereotypes. So that I am appreciative of ingenious oral narratives captured in those exciting folktales.
Awaken in me The Sacred Seed(s) from which dreams of love and hope are created. So that I may pass the tradition on to your grandchildren.
Carry me forward with the sweet harmony of your love, as indeed you have, every step of the way.
My heart submits to you, Happy Sikukuu Ya Kuzaliwa! Thank you for life, for grace and wisdom. Thank you for courage. Happy Birthday Mama.
Post originally published in December 2008

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  1. You shake tears from my eyes.

    I have no words.

    Only love,


  2. Maithri,

    Thank you for sharing the deep joy that I feel.

    Mama Shujaa

  3. Thank you for dropping by and for your nice comments Mama Shujaa :)
    I'm very happy to meet you too!
    Happy holidays for you and your family!!!!
    I enjoyed very much reading your posts, I will com again :)

  4. Oh, happy birthday!!!!! What a lovely picture--you look JUST LIKE HER! And how cute are you?! Just lovely. And the writing talent fell straight from the tree, huh? Love it!

  5. Creationsbyeve:

    The inspiring beauty of your handmade creations reflect the tremendous love and care you have placed in each one.

    I admire your talent.

  6. Denene: LOL! Thanks. I made that tie-dye print. Yes indeed, my mom taught me. She made the one she is wearing too - batik/tie-dye combo.

  7. Your writings are so absolutely moving. This was beautiful!

  8. Thank you for coming by my
    page Mama Shujaa..Love
    your post..I will definitely
    put those books on
    my must read list:)May
    2009 bring you much love,
    blessings & prosperity..

    God Bless..

  9. What wonderful words to your mom!!!

  10. You are a beautiful writer, I will be visiting often. Happy New Year.

  11. Your writings take me to a beautiful place.

    Wishing you a prosperous year!

  12. Beautiful.

    Happy birthday to mama yako.

  13. I remember the day I met your Mom. I was utterly and completely intimidated. Her energy is silent and strong. When she looked at me, I felt like a little girl. I was actually hoping that she gave me some sort of approval as your friend.

    Her voice rang of confidence. Her movements were careful, filled with purpose. I sat in your kitchen, unusually quiet because I didn't want to say anything dumb. If my memory is correct, I think I said something funny. Then she laughed. Whew! I was approved!

    You are lucky to have such Mom. She blessed you with that same quiet power and with the gift to make words bring real tears to our eyes.


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