Baby Girl, Happy Birthday Kipenzi!

Leo Ni Bathdei Yako Kipenzi!

Happy Birthday our darling! You are our joy, our Taji. It takes a simple perusal of your twenty-three years to conclude that indeed, you are One Beautyful One That Was Born.

Mungu Akubariki. God Bless You.

Mama, Dad, Emmanuel and Chid

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  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful! I love your eyes!

  2. Oh, happy birthday, beautiful girl! Anyone with parents as sweet and smart as yours must be a spectacular child. Wishing you many, many more wonderful years on God's Earth, each one of them filled with delirious joy!

    With love,


  3. Happy Siku ya Kuzaliwa na binti yako =)

    I hope the day was all that she could have hoped for.

  4. Thank you to my wonderful blogging family for your birthday wishes and to my "old school" family that hasn't a clue about how to leave messages on blogs. LOL! We love you lots.

  5. Happy Birthday Taji! You are truly a beautiful girl who I know will achieve all that God has in store for you. Although you are in NYC, just know that you have an entire community of Aunties here in GA!



    P.S. Congratulations Dennis and Hana for doing such a great job ;0)

  6. Taji darling, belated happy birthday, I am sorry I am a little late, I just couldn't figure this whole thing out after I subscribed.
    Anyways, I wish you a very, very happy and blessed birthday, no doubt your mum loves her boots!!! and yes I love my new jacket I got last week and of course we do love our husbands and our boys too, but, nothing tops the love we have for our daughters because in you we see hope, peace, tranquility and joy beyond explanation. So my dear, never forget even in your sleep that we all love and cherish you so much and I am so proud of you. I love you and have yourself a good rest of the year.
    Aunty Biba, yeap, AUNTY!!.

  7. Taji dearest,
    Better late than never they say. Look at you!!! You continue to blossom... Stay beautiful.


  8. Taji,

    Happy Birthday Sweetie. Hope you got the fam voicemails on your birthday. Now the blog note is a little late but never in the heart or mind. You know how we feel about you nothing but love, love and more love. We are so proud of you and are behind you in all you continue to do and accomplish. Your star is so bright and your support group so wide, don't ever hesitiate to pick up the phone.

    My dear daughter--What haven't I said to you in all these years? .....Have I mentioned that you should always 'be particular, especially in your choices'and that as you go through your life you should always have a spiritual mission with what you do" .....

    --I am pilfering or borrowing this from my pastor he says it all the time and I love it his words are--
    To remember that......
    "The task of God will never be greater than the power of God to help you achieve it,
    The will of GOd will never put you in a situation where the Grace of God is insufficient to your need".

    Lovely Taji--Have a fantastic year! We love you very much.

    Auntie Judy.

  9. Happy Birthday, Darling! You are so LOVED. I've always wanted to be you when I grew up : )
    Just gorgeous: inside and out. Luuuuuv me some Taji.

  10. Thank you to all for the birthday wishes! They made my birthday even more special. Lots of love to everyone and their families. I hope to see you all soon!

    Love, Taji


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