Me And My New Boots, Yesterday

I clutched the scarf around my neck, tightening it a smidgen. White, cold, flaky stuff was falling with no rhyme or reason. Intermittent flurries, not sporadic enough to prevent a million of them from landing on my freshly straightened hair. I didn’t care. There was no time to return to the office for the umbrella. I had just an hour during lunch to walk the half mile to the bank, complete the transaction and return to clock in at 2:00 p.m. Sharp.

It was not chilly, just disagreeably damp. I made a futile attempt to zip my jacket. This week my bust was not budging. I clasped my hands instead.

The hallway coat closet needs re-inventorying before the month is over.

I walked past MARTA, up Lenox Road towards Peachtree Street. I am a master walker. Right, left, right, left. A gentleman ahead of me branched off towards the slanted cobblestone walkway leading into the Lenox Building. A shortcut. I followed. He seemed to slow down.

I kept walking. Left, right, and then! My left foot skidded on the slick surface and propelled forward. My right leg responded in humble genuflection like both knees do, when I visit my god-daughter’s Catholic church.

Here I am, almost prostrate on Lenox Road across from Ruby Tuesdays during a busy lunch hour. The gentleman drops down next to me, picks up my stupid handbag and looks in my face.

"Are you okay?" Mortified, I do a mental check to make sure I am ok.

"Yup." I notice he is not taking off with my bag, but handing it to me. Perish that suspicion. Perhaps I should attend my god-daughter's church more regularly. "Thanks."

It will be hellish walking back.

As if on cue, the gentleman remains at my side, ready and able. "It's very slippery out here." He scrapes his rubber-soled non-slippery boots on the cobblestones in demonstration.

I should have changed into my sneakers before I left the office. So what if they looked funny with my mid-length woolen skirt. I kept my brand new sexy boots on. As a result, I looked funny falling.

Like a future ballerina attempting a half split. Quite dignified compared to the Grand Expose in Nairobi a few years ago...

I know it's happened to you.

Copyright © Hana Njau-Okolo 2008. All Rights Reserved.


  1. OMG--I busted my PATOOTIE on the corner of 9th and 34th in NY, in front of, like, a MILLION people... trying to be cute. Knew I should have put the sneakers on, but noooooooo... the heels just LOOKED better. My butt was sore for a minute, but my feelings were hurt loooong time! LOL!

    Glad you're okay, baby! And that the guy didn't run off with your goodies.

  2. Hahaha women always trying to look sexy. You r sexy enough without those boots. Wish I was there to catch ya. Do as we do in Africa, go with the flip flops and keep it real.

  3. Uko njiani dada..he!.., kuandika Na nitakisoma kitakapotoka! Yaani, unaandika vizuri!!! Sikujua unacho kipawa hicho.. endelea 'kublog'. Mimi niko salama, salamini. Ninaendelea kumhadithia mwanangu usiku. Tunasoma, "Usilie Mpenzi Wangu". Unakijua kitabu hiki? Kimeandikwa na Ngugi Wa Thiong'o. Wekelea...! Labda siku moja nitamsomea kitabu chako, au sivyo?

    Baadaye Basi!

  4. Oh my! I'm sure you didn't look as funny falling in those boots as you imagine. Well...OK...but at least that man helped you! Glad you're OK!

  5. Take it from a woman who has fallen down the stairs in front of a sports bar, a lower level apartment and the garage: bustin yo ass builds character!! LOL! And yes, each time I was trying to be cute!

  6. Oh no! Yep, must admit... been there, fell down... down the bowling lane half-way on top of a 2 year old... don't ask, long story, lol.

    At least those boots are flat and you didn't have to worry about breaking a heal... like my aunt did, lol.

  7. OK, so falling IS embarassing but my thinking is, it is better to look really cute when falling cause more than likely the fall will draw alot of attention. So keep wearing those sexy boots with your bad self! haha


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