She Showed Me The Way 12 Years Ago

And I came up with the ideas. And I drafted, I rewrote, panting and sweating over and over again.

Then my ego started screaming because I was alright in my comfort zone but the moment I started to go Blue Ocean around my next level of mastery, fear came up. 

As much as I wanted success, because it was unknown to me, I stepped on the brakes.

I let human nature take me back to homeostasis....kept my heart at 72 beats per minute, my blood pressure within its comfortable bandwith.  

And so I survived in mediocrity, in procrastination, in showing up every day in comfort.

But where does greatness live? 

In the lives of those who have mastered walking into their fear and living on the razor's edge consistently to the point that they are comfortable in their discomfort. 

She showed me the way, twelve years ago.  I started this blog, started really writing.  Published a little short story. It was anthologized in a South African journal.  I was consistent for a  while, then life hit, distractions piled up and my fears grew larger than my faith.

Tactically it is time to build more faith by doing what I dread. Practicing every morning. This is what I am doing today, and every single day, I will do it, palms sweating. I will hunt for opportunities to step into it.  New mental pathways are coming...Peace!

Mama Shujaa xoxox


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