Self-Care, GRIT and Mindset

Sometimes expert advice is not expert.  Like doctors who tell you, "you are a little blue, here is something to help you sleep."

Living in the moment and trusting my instincts is expert. And the things I have gone through in my life,  are the research and development I needed to help me show up and push through many struggles.

They were my preparation, and it is ongoing.  

So every morning I wake up and write down three things I am grateful for.  

Yesterday's list is the same as today's. That happens.

I am grateful for my health.  I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for listening to that clear voice within. 

I am flanked by two smiling gentlemen in this picture, at a glamorous event. My husband holding my award and Mark, our chairman.  I received a Person of the Year award that night for my voluntary work on behalf of the Association of Kenyan Professionals, Atlanta.  I could not smile because my face was paralyzed.  And for many years, I had to learn to overcome and live with triggers to the damage to the 7th cranial nerve in my brain.

I had to put my self care first.  And that might sound selfish, but it is in fact selfless. Because if you care for yourself, then you can show up for everyone. How do you have certainty for a family member or a loved one, if you don't have it for yourself?  

Be the light, the beacon, the role model. Here is an acronym to help you to remember to practice Gratitude and Appreciation and this will result in Miracles in your life. 


Gratitude - commit to writing three things you are grateful for every single day.
Appreciation - send someone a text of appreciation. You get back love. Everyone wins.
Miracles - look at the wins of the day before you go to sleep.  

And of course, proper nutrition, sleep and exercise are key to helping you strive with the right mindset.

Mama Shujaa xoxox


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