Shock Absorber

I have become a good shock-absorber, cultural or otherwise.  So, my life is now an important reservoir of long-standing beliefs, and of fresh, unused experiences.  All to be seen in a pleasantly consistent whole, some day. As growth.  An African writer who wants to move into a realm of content that exemplifies humanistic expression, wholly involved in the search for spiritual and intellectual heights that are universal.

I am back from our family's South Africa 2010 holiday. And I am an evolving long-distance traveler - Johannesburg to Dubai: 8 hours; Dubai to New York: 13.5 hours; New York to Atlanta: 2.5 hours. 

I admit, I do not possess an unbiased eye, and frankly, mimicking passengers at airport security checkpoints, customs and immigration, has worn me out. Yet it inspires a flowering of thought, stories to feed the soul.  Slow eater that I am.

Now, the World Cup 2010 Final is upon us:  Holland and Spain.  And I am routing for Holland!

Mama Shujaa.


  1. AO, Aha! Ok. Let's see. Would it not be interesting (for lack of a better word) if Holland actually won the cup in their "home country" as the former colonial master of South Africa? They've never hosted it. They are the only team that has played 100% in the tournament so far. Maybe, on the horizon, there is the sense of 'coming full circle'...
    Go Oranje!

  2. Hi Tina! Thank you and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Rooting for Spain I am, but only because the way they play their football is just so beautiful to watch...

    But then Holland have played the World Cup final a few times in the past already, so perhaps they deserve it more?

    Tell you what...I'll cheer for both teams and will be happy whichever team wins..

    Its interesting that both teams have never in their history played against each other, either in a European championship, or at the World Cup and to meet for the first time at the World Cup Final...simply amazing.

  4. Anengiyefa: I hear you. And isn't David Villa SOMEthing?! :-))) It is going to be a good match! And that is an interesting bit that you shared too...amazing.

  5. Wow, SA must have been lots of fun.....

  6. Oh dear, MS, you would be unpopular here in Puerto Rico with your desire for Holland to win! When Spain won, the island went crazy! Celebrations everywhere! Glad your travel was safe and it gave you so many writing ideas!

  7. hey mama! habari yako? siku mingi sana. i wanted spain to win and was chuffed as hell they did! thanks for popping by mine. yeah. that wedding was quite something i tell ya. sending love and salaams and patiently waiting for next post. XXX j

  8. Hey Mama. Salaamu nyingi kutoka Mombasa.

  9. Somehow I missed this post. The World Cup seems a long time ago. It has been a busy month and for you too. That was a long journey, but I'm sure you came back with good material in your writer's suitcase.


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