Worthy Betrayal?

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It was tantalizing, my weekend.

Friday evening, we pull into the parking spot directly opposite his car.

“He’s already here, fellow vanpoolers.” I keep this observation to myself because there is no logical reason to boast.

Instead I blow him a kiss through the windshield. Martha and Monica (names changed to protect the horny) giggle at imagined pleasures in the offing.

Brown skin. Red and white striped shirt. Brown polka dot tie. I know those generous lips. And they are moving. His earpiece is on. Another conference call is my guess.

The three of us 'last stop' ladies disembark the van. He steps out to assist with my bags.

Handsome. Bow-legged. Clean shaven. Sweet lipped.

We watch as he carefully places my new running shoes in the trunk. Monica, in that ill-fitting dress she likes to wear on Fridays, looks like she could give him more than the current eyeful. But she has to settle for her husband, who is late. Martha steals a solid glance as she sashays herself and the work bag that would fail the size limitation gauge at any airport, to her car. I pay special attention to his pants; a charcoal gray Dolce Gabbana basic that make his gluteus maximus spell f.i.n.e.l.y. c.u.t.

I slide into the passenger seat. It feels like a cock pit in the high performance vehicle. The close confines and the steady hum of the engine provide a heady background to his smooth, deep baritone contributions on the conf. call.

My deck is giving out; the cards are stacked against me, already. How am I going to survive the next 48 hours? My well-intentioned pledge to support my Kenyan sisters in their sex boycott for political reform, now seems more than I can handle. Just the thought of not acquiescing to that which gives me pleasure for two days, let alone their seven, makes me want to give in, right there and then.

“How was your day?” he turns his attention to me, squirming in my seat.

We have made three children together and I must admit, it was and continues to be, a pleasure.

"Just fine and yours?" I manage, knowing right there and then, I will not make it. Hats off to the Kenyan women who have committed seven days of abstention for such a noble cause. I just wonder how many like me will betray the sisterhood’s cause? But what the heck, he is not a Kenyan, we are not IN Kenya and he is not a politician. Call me selfish. I'll be satisfied.

Mama Shujaa.


  1. And why not? At least you're 'hornest' about it! Do you remember those rumours of mo1, ati Kenya yote iko ndani yake! Still makes me laugh! Lol!

  2. @Tamaku: ROFL! Too funny, thanks for reminding me. I can just HEAR him.
    @Trudy: LOL, Gurrrrl!

  3. Go girl! I laughed at the description of your van mates...I know the type. I'm glad your satisfied, betrayal or no, it was for a well worthy cause. :)

  4. heh heh! hilarious! i wonder how many kenyans will make it!!! be so funny being a fly on a wall and hearing all the little lies..! tee hee...XXX j

  5. Go gal...pigania haki yako :)

  6. Oh, what a marvellous tale full of eroticism and witty puns! I soaked up every single bit of it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  7. hahaha!!! He is not Kenyan. You are not in Kenya and he is not a politician.

    *hands on hip* "Yeah right, you betrayed the sister hood."

    Um, uh *realizes she betrayed the sister hood as well, but convinces self that Nigerians didn't have to participate*


  8. Mama - I'm with Solomonsydelle..
    you have all the reasons to work your way out of the boycott well stated in advance. smh

    OOooooohhhh How We Envy You, You Go Dada !

  9. Hehehe! Mama, you baaaad girl, you! But, hey, don't blame you one little bit - he sounds delicious and you're right, this ain't Kenya, Toto!

  10. LOL!!! I loved it! I'm with you Mama Shujaa - with the way you described him I would have fallen weak myself. I understand 7 days really is a very long time.

    Great tale. Keep them coming.

  11. Hi Mama Shujaa, I have been reading your blog but sometimes I can`t leave a comment because the screen freezes. I have to simplify my blog a bit, I think it has some kind of overload.
    Maybe I try to move around too much without waiting for the screen to come up?

    I read the eariler posts with great interest and this one is charmingly funny!

    I have left you an award over at Oasis Writing Link blog. Please come over and check it out! <3

  12. I finally have a chance to start following your blog and OH MY GOD!!! You are one of the most creative minds I have been blessed to cross paths with. Your imagination is vivid which commands the attention of those that read your writings and I am very inspired through your courage. This is a great story with GOOD REAL TALK!! I am convinced that you have a gift to write about anything and will have many followers to come.

  13. @T. Allen Mercado: Thanks for the support and don't van mates make THE best characters?

    @Janelli: He! Indeed, such as "C'mon no one will EVER know, baby." LOL.

    @Cee: Haki ni vigumu ku-abstain! :)

    @ACIL: Thanks and glad you enjoyed IT ALL.

    @SOLOMONSYDELLE: Nawa-o for your my sister, LOL! We have to show a UNITED front.

    @RE Ausetkmt: You too my sister, a UNITED front... :-)

    @Tessa: "It's the quiet ones...." :-)

    @Moto Mama: Girl, when I am weak, He is strong!

    @Cynthia: I thank you so much, sorry you have had trouble commenting...

    And thank you so much for the award Cynthia!!!<3

    @Robin McHenry: Welcome sis and Thanks so much.

  14. Lol, what will I call you? The truth is what I will call you

  15. Interesting sculpture – I’m not sure if they are embracing, fighting or playing. It fits this post. I love your fast clip descriptions and the humor. A sex boycott probably leads to more sex like binging on a diet.

  16. @STTA: It is very freeing, the truth. Thanks for stopping by my place.

    @Sarah: hahaha! That is so true. I think there is a lot of that going on this week then, beginning today - a sex binge.

  17. mmmh Erotica. Handsome. Bow-legged. Clean shaven. Sweet lipped. Well muscled. If he was not your man I'd get me an ill fitting dress and come hunt him down for meself!

    hehehehe ati the girls in Kenya are now on a sex binge? That should make one happy nation no?

  18. When. Are. You. Going. To. Write. A Book?!!!!

    I'm waiting.

    This is absolutely brilliant, and speaks to your gift. I am so impressed by your voice, my love, and proud that you've created a space where it can soar. I adore it!

  19. Oh Sister Shujaa - you devil you! Absolutely loved this! A woman after my own heart... oh, how certain things - a look, a smile, the smell of cologne, the feel of a hand - can send electrical charges up your spine and that little voice that says you can't, you shouldn't, goes to H.E.L.L. in a handbasket and you don't hear anything anymore...you just want to feel...and that is always good... =)

  20. @Shiko: wacha siasa wewe, LOL.

    @Denene: Thank you so much. I'm working on it...soon, very soon!

    @Rebecca: "Ain't gonna" just doesn't factor in, after that, you are right.

  21. I think this was one of your best posts yet - you had me laughing out loud at this one! :)

  22. This is hilarious!!! It left me wanting more! I have not been checking this account, so I have been missing your blogs...will definitely be checking on a daily basis ;0)

  23. @TAC and GYFExec: I am so happy you enjoyed the spilled beans....LOL!!!!


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