Vipi Sasa?

I have not had a moment to come out to my front porch to chat.

My time-management skills have definitely been put to the test these past two weeks...

- year-end school activities and season-end soccer activities for our 10 year old.

- assisting with collecting book donations for the Books For Africa Atlanta warehouse grand opening on Thursday this week.

- preparing and sending correspondence to Kenya regarding AKPA's upcoming Kenyan Diaspora Conference and Investment Forum in August this year.

- preparing for and teaching a beginner's Kiswahili class in Atlanta this past weekend.

- assisting a friend with some PR work related to Delta's inaugural direct flight from Atlanta to Nairobi, on June 2, this year.

...all the while being a mama na mke nyumbani [mother and wife at home] and holding down my 9-5.

So, late this afternoon, when I received this video clip of a young Declan Galbraith, I thought I'd stop by, share and say Vipi Sasa [what's up]?

A beautiful voice and wonderful message.

Baadaye, na have a good week!

Mama Shujaa.


  1. You are one busy Mama. But all for very worthy courses. You go girl. Power. We miss you but we understand. Bora Uzima.

  2. You're certainly engaged with the world, Mama Shujaa! May you enjoy all of your life activities, too. My daughter gets a bit mad if I don't have enough time and attention to give her...the fact that you are so busy and things are not falling apart means to me that you are excellent at time management skills. L0ve to you <3

  3. Wow, and I can't ever remember to pick up my dry-cleaning! Asante sana kwa kutujulisha hali, have a great rest of the week na familia.

  4. This is a busy time of year, but thanks for making time to blog. You are involved in such good activities.

  5. @Shiko, Cynthia, Tamaku and Sarah: Thanks so much for your written words. Mingi Love to ya!

  6. Wow, you have been very busy doing some wonderful things. I would have loved to be a part of your Kiswahili class =).

  7. Great post Mama, I guess it's the effect of the sun, u see the sun and you start taking too much on your plate compared to winter. Enjoy the sun and your many activities. I guess we will blog more in Winter as of now, tuenjoy jua...

  8. just stopping by to show you some love, and wow, you are really busy. It is so amazing that you are able to do so many things to help the community and world around you while holding down things at home.

  9. Oh, I know busy! But busy's good, no? Busy is always good =) Thanks for posting that video, what a voice. Nice to finally have a little time to come and visit all of my blog friends.


  10. Hello Mama Shujaa, thanks for your kind words!
    As you are my only point of reference when it comes to African matters (!), I thought I'd stop by and tell you that my #1 Brat is going to Kenya in August, to work in an orphanage. She wants to see the world, and when this came up, she decided that at good way is to see it from "inside", and perhaps make a difference in some small way whilst doing it. I worry, of course, but that's what mothers are for.

  11. Stine,

    Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your daughter's humanitarian aspirations. That is wonderful...where in Kenya?

  12. I have felt the same way lately - like a chicken running around with it's head cut off! The things you are doing are so important and valuable though. Hang in there!


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