Just Want To Say Asante Sana. Thank You.

Paa Ya Paa Creative Arts Center is located in Nairobi, Kenya. Paa Ya Paa is a Kiswahili phrase which means “the antelope rises,” a symbol of new creative adventures, a place where ideas flourish and flow freely.

This is where we get the Utu I speak about in my From Kenya With Love post. Enjoy the video and

  • Asante kina Baba na Mama
  • Asante Familia
  • Asante Mungu
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  1. Hello! Thanks for your kind words - and no, it's not too late for you to enter the contest. One "ticket" is hereby issued to you. The draw is around December 1st - and I still have to figure out a prize...

  2. Hi again!
    Haha - Asante Sana... Thank you, and that's just fine - 2 tickets for you! As for the hoops - I'll manage...

  3. Oh, please! Oh, please! Someone help me drag my spirit out of the Valley of Dry Bones. I am sooooo there. I am assuming that the star of the video is Pappa Smurf! He is captivating. His energy draws you in...


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