Surrender - Journal Entry

Surrender to your writing. It is like love making. You need to let go of inhibition, just let the flow of words escape in exhalations and as you place each word within the sentence, allow the phrases to take shape.  Let the warmth and energy emanating from the feeling of releasing their pent up energy, let them light up a path for your expression. 

Eventually, as minutes and hours go by, you will accumulate enough of a bank of memory to allow you to recreate the same escape route every single time. Climaxes feel good and when they occur in the right circumstances, they last and last and last even when the heat of passion has long simmered down.  The climax is what sustains your  joy.  And just like the feeling you get when you write a beautiful sentence, that sense of connection with your self, so is the act of love making. But you must now learn how to make love to yourself.  Trust you like you trust your partner in love. allow you to guide and steer you to the exquisite point of release and subjugation, to your writing.

Close your eyes, trust your instincts. Redevelop that amazing quality of your childhood, of uninhibited expression, even as lonely and a quiet a girl that you were, you still had the ability to express in such beautiful ways.  Witness the story of Mr. Pig you wrote when you were nine.  The one that your mother kept in her files for you and gave to you when you finally were able to visit Kenya after living in America for over 20 years. Give yourself permission to go there. Peal away at the blocks, the mental hindrances to the ultimate expression of your soul. Write to yourself, talk to yourself with positivism.  You may change the way you see your writing.  

It is beautiful and powerful, allow yourself to experience its beauty and its power.


  1. Ha! Now this is an original metaphor. It's good to see you back to writing and blogging. You have been missed.

  2. This post meant a great deal to me as I embark on a new writing project. Thank you for sharing such powerful and inspiring words.

  3. Thanks for the note. So glad it resonated with.


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