The Proving Ground

GSA 99 Red Disney Jr. Showcase 2011 Copa Champions

As the hourglass and her passage of time gently announced our last tournament of the season, the quality of the time we had spent together, like fine wine was measured in the moments (some clutch-worthy) of growth as a team.

In the end, we may not lay claim to the road having been as smooth as the curves of her glass, but we can certainly hold fast to the hope that we have in the future. For sure, there are qualities that are beyond measure at this time, subject to growth and development, subject to health and strength. Nevertheless the future is bright.

Witness our team's majestic win at ESPN's Disney Jr. Soccer Showcase over Thanksgiving Weekend!

As first time Team Manager of our U13 boys this season, I am proud - of the team, and of the parents, who have come a long way from Bellows of Madness.  We can now enjoy a short period of rest, before our Spring Season and all of its qualifiers commences in February 2012. Until then, I am going to be choosey with my time...write more, read more, occupy my own niche, more.

Weekend njema!

Mama Shujaa


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