The Peacemaker

"You have too much Life in your Voice for it not to be heard."

That line is from Tyler Perry's movie, "For Colored Girls," an adaptation of Ntozake Shange's 1975 play "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf."

My husband and I watched it on opening night; it was alright, too melodramatic for my taste. I preferred the Choreopoem which allowed for my own interpretation of the nuances in the subjectmatter explored. As opposed to the gag reflex I experienced with all the spoon feeding in the movie.

You have too much voice  in your life for it not to be heard.

Even with the transposition of the words life and voice, I like it. It inspires. And encourages, much like the lines an editor shared with me after his review of my submission some time ago: "Looking forward to your next re-submission and remember this 'sure I am of this, that you have only to endure to conquer.'"
I endured to the very end; it was excruciating. Waking before sunrise on daily basis to write before heading to work; to get through that story. Now I have resubmitted that story and I feel free to focus on something else; to get back to blogging. 

At work, my new role has been  a challenge. Hence the beautiful flowers in my cubicle, a gesture of appreciation, a peace offering of sorts...

Siku njema,

Mama Shujaa.


  1. Jambo Mama. I haven't been by in a while so just wanted to say hello. Re-submission is good. Doing a lot of re-submitting myself lately... mostly just re-submitting to life =). Hope all is well.

  2. Sijambo Barbara, wewe je? Thanks for popping in to say hello and for your comment. Yes, when we acquiesce to all that it entails, resubmitting is an opportunity to grow. Kaa salama.

  3. Congratulations! Your progress is inspiring.

  4. Waaaasup Mama Shuja!!!

    been a minute. I stopped kwako leo and i just ahd to go to the taxi driver. mayne had missed your writing. thanx for continously writing your's is def worth a stop. it's almost like going back home :)

    p.S... i crossed to wordpress

    love and light Mama!

  5. Vipi dada graceful glider? Thanks for popping in. I will come visit you at your new place soon.


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