Gasping For Air

Her ample chest heaved two quick short bursts, her nostrils flaring in defiance.  This is it, she thought. Manicured fingers moved feverishly over the short dense strands of the white berber carpet; then slowed to a soft rhythmic caress.  She could feel the sinewy muscles of her lover beneath her palms, comforting like midnight under Nairobi skies. Sorrow overcame her as the air from her lungs made a final escape through her glossy lips.  Two tears began their journey down her cheeks.  This is it, she thought.

One of these days I will write a romance, what do you say?  Right now, I'm deep in a piece (working with an editor) for a literary magazine, not a romance; but I'd like to distract myself and continue with this, and see where it leads.

Weekend njema!

Mama Shujaa.

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  1. na wewe pia! all the teachers left yesterday for mugambi's funeral. they are slept in nbo last night and driving to meru early this morning...thanks for your comment chez moi, eh? lots love, mama. xxx j

  2. Thanks for the update, Janelle. May his soul rest in peace.

  3. Hiyo Romance're a wonderful writer

  4. I'm really enjoying my visits to your blog. You are a wonderful writer :)

  5. I'll have what you're, wewe!

  6. LOL Tamaku! Just a little dawa now and again.


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