A Purposeful Weekend in London and Berlin

Myweku's Pose for Purpose event in London on Saturday, February 6, 2010. A group of professionals donate their expertise by offering pre-booked professional photoshoot sessions. Contemporary Photography + Superb Makeup Artistry = Amazing Images. You participate and raise awareness. More here

Haiti Lives, a Celebration of Haitian Culture in Berlin on Sunday, February 7, 2010. German actors (Muriel Baumeister, Hans Werner Meyer, Tyron Ricketts and others) read Haitian literature (Edwidge Danticat, Jacques Roumain, Michele Voltaire Marcelin) and perform traditional Haitian storytelling like Krik? Krak! More here


  1. Thank you, Mama S, for your continued attention and support! We are grateful for your friendship.

    Kembe Fo!



  2. Mama Shujaa,

    Your efforts to Continually highlight the plight of the people of Haiti has not gone unoticed!

    Many thanks!

  3. It is wonderful to see the international support for the victims of Haiti. Thanks for these links.

  4. Thank you for sharing these links and continuing to reach out in support of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

  5. All: KARIBU [you are welcome]! And thanks for taking a moment to share a comment.


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