Can you read my mind?

More importantly, do you want to read my mind? I think Facebook does, and I somewhat reluctantly, am acquiescing. I logged onto FB this evening and viola! my home page asks me what's on my mind and honest being my middle name, I say:

MJ is on my mind.


I Know.

Blame It On The Boogie. :-)

Sambazaing you much love [sambaza=share]

Mama Shujaa


  1. I definately hear that! Consider me sambazwad.

  2. What a connection you felt with MJ...he is definitely part of your childhood self. I don't think you will ever lose him. Now you seem to be celebrating! May love surround you! <3

  3. It really hasn't dawned on me that MJ is 'dead dead', I'll keep it that way I think. It's easier for me. Thanks for all the love!

  4. @ Mama shujaa, nimepokea mapenzi hayo... i may be young but he lives on...
    @Tamaku...M.J is not 'dead dead' totally agree with you!

  5. Thanks all. And yes, I will never lose MJ.

  6. Its hard for him not to remain on the minds of many. My ipod is full of his music and I can never tire of it.

  7. Wow how could I ever have forgotten that one. That was a good treat. Reminds me to go look for that Destiny album.

  8. Like always Mama,

    You speak to my heart

    We've all got so much to blame
    on the boogie, ;)

    Nothando (with love), M


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