Weekend Riding

I can see Diana on the 800 pound vibrator she talks about, her weekend ride.

In full regalia, no less; two-toned black and red braided leather chaps, black boots, black vest, black gloves, and a partial face helmet.

It won't surprise me or fellow vanpoolers if underneath it all, she dons a thong (Size L) with my vibrator has two wheels emblazoned on it.

Routinely now with the good weather, she’ll announce to the van,

“I’m ridin’ this weekend.”

“Ridin’ dirty?” Martha will ask, on cue. She, of course would own one with a trailer large enough to fit her bag(s).

“Come, what may,” Diana will say, “I’m getting on that beast!”

To hear her describe the anticipated rides you’d think she was ringing in the New Year every weekend…with a bang! She certainly comes back on Monday looking brand new.

I listen keenly to her prep talk simply because I’m interested in folks and their ways and means to find thrills, and freedom. She’s certainly not an oddity in Atlanta, where bikers in unison regularly take the beasts between their legs on weekend parades.

Is there something about pointing and driving the machine on the open road that conjures up Steve Miller and

I want to reach out and grab ya

You know, when you've got your hand on the throttle, and your heading straight up the road; no lopsided nonsense; just gently guiding, balancing; dipping, banking, left and right...What is it about the beast?

Hebu, tell me...


  1. I don't quite understand the fascination, though I know many who have it...

  2. Sounds like great fun. It's one activity I never got to do in my youth. Perhaps a panacea for mid-life angst? Dicing with death on Kenyan roads though, matatus and all!

  3. Too noisy for me, but it looks like it could be fun - with the sound turned down! I just like it to be me and my steed galloping across the veldt to the edge of the world, y'know?

  4. An activity I wouldn't undertake but love watching most guys who do it....makes them have an inner balance....heheheheheh.....riding at the back of it kind of gives a Mills and Boon kind of feel....

  5. What a great post!! You had me laughing out loud!! My sister and brother along with their respective spouses are bikers. They love it. I prefer to pedal my bike!!
    Hope you are well!
    Todd in Santa Fe

  6. Poleni for my tardy response and Thank you all so much for your thoughts.

  7. what a vivid ,captivating, descriptive narrative! You sincerely have a way with words, i love the bike though!

  8. Great character sketch! Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  9. 'I can see Diana on the 800 pound vibrator she talks about, her weekend ride.'

    Oh, dear, I was bracing myself for an X-rated post. After your outing last week, I had to reach for the vapours and the smelling salts :-D!

    Never been keen on bikes, but this baby seems to do the job just fine. Many thanks for such fine and 'teasing' writing.

    Greetings from London.

  10. Thanks Nairobian, Sarah and ACIL (vapours and smelling salts? LOL!!!!!)

  11. I love the "darker" side of your writing, Mama S. So many mysteries lurking in these characters. Vroom!


  12. LOL, loved it. Especially the part about the thong... I could soo see that =)


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