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Walking Blind

Nairobi, 1978 Don't open your eyes until I tell you to open them, he said.
I squeezed my eyelids tight.
I have a surprise for you, he said. He clasped my hand as we walked. The crunching twigs beneath our feet The scent of bougainvillea Bazooka gum at the corner kiosk The chatter of the passersby My senses were heightened even though He tried to distract me with the Convoluted circle we walked.
Logs, branches came. We veered off the main road Ducked under a fence.
Then I heard it.
Humming, splashing, and gushing. The scent of water lilies saturated the air. Water drizzled on my arms.
Now! His voice echoed in the clearing.
I opened my eyes. Before us was a waterfall Water, like satin curtains dropped over rocks draped with moss. Water, like the gates to heaven where sins were washed away.
I looked up at my brother.  His arms were crossed, right hand cradling left elbow, left hand cradling right elbow.
He smiled. Eyes as luminous as the light slating through the canopy of eucalypt…

The Shirt Waiting In The Closet