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Creative Start Ups

"Art Is Life...I Come To Terms With Life Through Art." - Elimo P. Njau
I love this quote for its content and for its author, a man I am blessed to know well - my father. And it is leading me to shape my reality, as I come of age. Yes there are several coming of age stories that together contribute to how I have been called to live my life - including those that have occurred while I have been on sabbatical. 
I see it as a script that is multi-layered in meaning and purpose for my life.  And any rebellious acts of my soul that I have inherited or pegged onto, I honor and trust those acts. With a robust engagement that will lead me to my deeper creative instincts and start ups.

Mama Shujaa.


Feeling a bit naughty looking through this keyhole, at the unfolding story, #eavesdroppingonmysoul. If that is what it takes induce the revelations...

Happy New Year!
Mama Shujaa.