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In Quest of Justice, a memoir by Rebeka Njau

A first look at the memoir of Kenya's pioneer writer Rebeka Njau, author of The Sacred Seed, Books Horizon (2003), Ripples In The Pool, Heinemann (1978) and The Scar(1965). Here is the first chapter of her soon to be completed memoir.

In Quest of Justice, a Memoir by Rebeka Njau
Chapter One
WHEN I decided to write the story of my life, I struggled to find the best way to express my deep and complex emotions. Finally, in memory of the poetry of my earlier years as a writer, I chose to open this memoir with the following lines:
My ears are plugged up By poisonous spittle of a grimy tongue; Times without number, Little birds have been twittering, joyfully at my backyard, But I cannot hear them. Falsity, scattered like seeds Everywhere I tread, Has driven me to extreme bitterness and pain, Making me feel powerless to forgive and forget.
Like a piece of rock that stands on its own, I stand alone beside a sweet-scented bush To ease my heavy heart. Then in desperate helplessness I approach the Mugumo tr…