Monday, July 25, 2016

A Moment of Kindness

I feel like I changed the course of my day.

This morning on my way out of the neighborhood I spotted a small turtle crossing the road. I slowed down to a halt. Gave it a thought, and then drove around it. I looked in the rearview mirror. A car was approaching at full speed and I watched in horror as it road over it, without crushing it.

At that moment I made a u-turn and returned to the turtle. Just in time to watch its head re-emerge from its shell. Just in time to watch four other cars ride over it, almost crush it. I whipped my car into position in front of it. I put my hazard lights on, jumped out, popped open the trunk, grabbed a towel and scooped it up onto the safety of the lawn.

Something in my act changed my morning. As I went about my day, I felt vibrations around me. Still cannot put it into words. But I am glad I did not shrug off my immediate instinct to help the turtle. I did not succumb to the reasoning that I normally do. I attended to my first desire.

I shared my experience via text with my oldest son.

"That is incredible. It's called synchronicity which really is just another word for miracle. You created a miracle for the turtle. You kept it alive. And you prevented someone from killing the turtle...who knows maybe someone with a love for turtles may have accidentally run over it."

What a large dispensation of understanding from Emmanuel. It added to my feeling of an 'unlocking' within.

Today, I preserved and maybe restored, healed a bit of my soul; with my ally, the turtle.

The ground beneath my feet, the collaborator.

My hands molded a moment of kindness.

Wiki Njema,

Mama Shujaa