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Scene - office hallway containing cubicle stations. Fumilayo and Vera are neighbors, hunkered down behind computer screens.

(Enter Big Cahuna with a stack of college-ruled sheets ridden with his leisurely scrawl.)

"Fumi, I need to get this letter out ASAP!" his booming voice addresses the air.

Vera: "I can help. Give it to me."

Fumi (working on transcribing a deposition): "Thanks Vera."

(Exit Big Cahuna, face red.)

Vera:  "Don't know how you do it, Fumi. His writing is awful."

Fumi: "What would I do without you?"

(Half an hour goes by, tempered by Vera's grunts and groans through the cubicle wall.)

Vera (walks into Big Cahuna's office): "Here is the letter. I hope I did not mess it up too bad...I could not read your writing."

Big Cahuna: "Couldn't read my writing??  Fumilayo is not even from this country, and she can read my writing!"

(Some time later. In the copy room, enter Vera and Fumi)

Vera (giggling):  "You actually have shoes, Fumi?"

Fumi: "What did he mean? People from different countries cannot read well?"

Vera: "I don't get it. What law school did he graduate from?"

Fumi: "What a useless snarky comment."

(They exit the copy room.)
Mama Shujaa.


  1. Is this a real incident or an imagined one? It reads more like a screen play than your usual fiction.

  2. Sarah, it is a real incident, and recent. Yes, I wanted to try a different style...

  3. Blogs are just the right venue for experimentation.


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