Inspiration Matters and Paa Ya Paa is featured in The East African Magazine

There are people that fuel the fire. Trailblazers who keep their focus. I think about them, and I am inspired. I have written about them, and I am sure I began with Just Want To Say Thank You, because I have manners; then I begged my mother to Tell Me.  After that, I shared The Antelope Rising  because my parents envisioned Paa Ya Paa as a spiritual calling and I too promised myself that I would flesh out the hints of the melodies that pulse beneath the surface: in my soul and in yours...Along the way, I have asked whether it was Too Raw, manifesting creative independence, authentically, without worry. And of course, life being what it is, I am learning to live Beyond The Ashes.

So when Paa Ya Paa is recognized, once again in the African media, most recently, on March 15, 2010, in The East African Magazine and we read about my father "Elimo Njau's living art is testimony of the present and past" I have to share the fuel that fires me.

"The spirit of art should float like the dollar: "one never knows when it will rise or fall!” says Elimo Njau. Since he believes art has neither a beginning nor an end, he sees himself as merely one phase in the entire saga.Despite his many years “in business,” Njau refuses to give himself any grand title. Njau is no stranger to the world of art. In fact, he ranks among Africa’s greats." Read more.
After I leave my 9-5 cubicle in corporate America every work day, this is what keeps me writing.

Wiki njema,

Mama Shujaa.


  1. That is beautiful and fabulous. Congratulations to you and your family Mama!

  2. What a Legacy...keep on writing. Your foundation for creativity was a gift of birth and is a birthright passed down. The roots of your creativity are awe-inspiring, pure, ingenious –really grand; It’s the kind of talent that is extraordinary and very rare these days. You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing the article.

  3. Fabulous quote. I agree that art shouldn’t be an end in itself. It must have been a blissful childhood (other than the fire) growing up among such culture and understanding. It’s good to see that recognized.

  4. Congratulations to your's wonderful to see our artists being recognized at home.

  5. Emma's Mom: Thank you.

    jml: You are welcome and I appreciate your kind words, urging me on. Thank you.

    Sarah: It was the best childhood, and it is in my adulthood that I realize how it has equipped and furnished me for life. Thank you.

  6. And posts like yours are what keep me in tuned with this world. Many thanks. You're one of the guiding lights of the blogosphere and I'd very much like your input in the debate I've just opened on my blog. Keep well and keep writing.

    Greetings from London.

  7. Mmmmmmmm Mama Shujaa I'm so proud of you and your family! Congrats!

    I've been away from blogosphere and I've missed you.


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