This Is My Africa

The award-winning documentary airs tomorrow Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 11:30 AM; only in the U.S.

"Directed and produced by Zina Saro-Wiwa, this quirky and unique film is a journey into an Africa that many may not know about. Created to reveal a more personal vision of the continent by weaving together the personal memories, tastes and experiences of 21 Africans and Africaphiles, This Is My Africa has been described as a 50-minute crash course in African culture."

"The film is so tender and full of humour and honesty and … such a welcome alternative to the constant portrayal of Africa as a problem ... or a posh safari destination. It filled me with a desire to know more, travel more, listen to more music (I've already bought the Asa...). I'm proud to be a part of it."Colin Firth.

Here's a clip:

I hope you get a chance to watch or record it.

Mama Shujaa


  1. Oh yay! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to check the listings and catch it with my children.

  2. ooooooooo i would LOVE to see it...will watch this later when i am back from school. its six thirty in the morning arusha time and trying to get three kids out of the door...what on EARTH am i doing sitting here reading YOUR blog!???? waaaaah. baadai, mama. kazi njema. love and salaams xxx j

  3. T.A-M: I do hope you get to see it today. Such documentaries should be repeated day in day out! LOL. HBO tends to re-run their programming and my understanding is that they have license to show it for two years. Yes, it is a must for our children. I'm taping mine, and will watch when I get off the J.O.B.!

    Janelle: Sasa uko Arusha my dear and I am not sure whether you'll get it there; but let me and salaams to you, siku nyingi I

  4. just watched the clip here..oh oh OH i SOOOOO need this film...! WOULD BE PERFECT TO SHOW AT SCHOOL!!! WHERE CAN I FIND IT???? xxx j

  5. Janelli: I'll see what I can find out/do for you.

  6. It does look like a reflective and positive movie. Thanks for sharing the clip. I agree that infrastructure is key for the future.

  7. omg, wish I had known. which channel is it shown on so I can try to write to request a replay of the show. is there a dvd of it out there somewhere to purchase ? this is the daughter of Ken Saro-Wiwa right ? wow she certainly has grown up.

    looks like you've been globetrotting Mama.

  8. Sarah and RE: Thanks.

    RE: It premiered on HBO; I am sure they'll welcome inquiries; if we all write to find out, maybe they'll re-run it sooner. I'll contact them as well and let you know.

  9. This looks absolutely amazing. Wish it was showing here. Maybe I'll be able to buy it on disc later down the track...

  10. Great to see all these "heavy weights" coming together to do this!


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