Peachtree's Core


The train rolls into Peachtree Center Station,
Passengers alight.

Thick black braids projecting
North South East and West.
She heads south on the platform.

Moving in step behind her
Trusting her built-in compass
A coiffed hair-do and
A proper bespoke suit.
His meeting is southwest
At the Ritz Carlton.

Black mascara over blond,
Stiletto heels and all.
She has time to kill at
Café Hard Rock.

Ping Pong paddles in tow,
He heads west with alacrity.
The World Congress Center has
An All-Star show.

The comings and goings of folk
In this spherical gray passageway,
Dry coconut husks adorn
Solid gneiss walls
Cut from the strata of the earth.

A moving stairway towers ahead
Continually rising
To a bright light in the sky.

Multitudes of screaming blue tiles
Plastered to the left and to the right
Cry out in the light
And die in the solitude of darkness.

Lips pursed,
She sucks unrepentantly
At the marrow
Lodged between her teeth.
No. 3 at KFC.
Who’s scared? She quips.

The two-minute perpendicular ride,
An ascension that kindles
Heart-racing secretions in the gut,
Reminding folk of origins
120 feet into the crevasses of the earth.

Refined or not,
Folk share a
Common understanding
Within the body of humanity.

Copyright © Hana Njau-Okolo 2008. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Dang! I had no idea MARTA could be so beautiful! This was wonderful. I don't know if there's some city agency you can submit it to, but it's definitely one Mayor Franklin and the crew should do something with. I'll pay closer attention next time I have the pleasure of taking smarta MARTA.

  2. This was a good one. I like the way you told the story of travel and the crossing of paths.

  3. I am amazed at your writings everytime I stop by. Wow!

  4. I agree -- I never thought about how lovely the Atlanta's MARTA system is until now. I enjoyed the way you expressed people and traveling within the train stations. It was described wonderfully!!! Keep up the great work.

  5. WOW! Your poem is beautiful. Keep them coming!

  6. Well Mother Courage...

    Its so good to meet you...

    To feel the drum
    beat fire
    the beautiful
    words you write

    Bless you
    and your gift
    and the circle of love that
    surrounds you

    May winged rhythm
    carry you into the new year,


  7. - Thank you, and I hope your Christmas was a merry one too!

  8. VCSMama,

    I will look into submitting, as I would love for folks to try on my rose-colored glasses...maybe they'll like them. :-)

  9. Maithri,

    Thank you for the beautiful encouragement.

    Blessings for the new year.

  10. luv this one, too.
    You write beautiful poems
    Mama:)I'm a regular now:)

  11. Well, well, well..what do we have here? A gorgeous poem that somehow manages to seamlessly blend in a KFC meal. I bow down to you. : )


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