Friday, December 18, 2009

My Pickpockets

I stumbled out of the gates just over a year ago, my pockets full of laughter.  Until then I'd lived in a gated community, surrounded by familiar folk living happily ever after.

We were a fairy tale of characters, our lives led by the enchantment of our well-being.  Then one day, we were exposed and tempted by the taste of uncharted water.

And the spirit of those who came before, ghosts of time long past, shadows of dreams conjured up in youth, overcame us:  me, myself and I.   Among us we decided, the braver cut from the threesome.

So, I rose to the occasion, the delicate two remaining, shepherds in charge of lessons, matriarchs of refuge, and valuable sources of comfort.

And with merriment fitted for the moment and joy enough to feed hope, I stumbled out of the gate, my pockets full of laughter. 

On that date my life began in a Blog Land occupied by a colony of characters, brave and bold in this new world, foraging for nourishment.  And I have profited ever since, from the food of their minds and goodness of their hearts.

Dear readers, followers, friends old and new,

Thank You for picking the laughter from my pockets and filling my heart with gifts far greater.

May the blessings of the season fill your pockets full of splendor, and I'll be sure to stop by and relieve them of the happy sound of laughter.

Peace and Joy and Mingi Love as well!

Mama Shujaa.

Copyright © Mama Shujaa 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

All About Winning

When your son's team loses a soccer match, do not ask "What happened?" in the car on the way home.

A follow up comment like "I mean, this was not the result we were looking for, but we can live with it" does not help. Your son already knows the truth. Soccer is all about scoring goals and winning matches. And you dear disappointed mom should know better than to behave like a devastated fan. Aren’t you the team player that schlepped your boy to all his practices, games and tournaments this past month because hubby was away on business:  attending the 2010 World Cup Draw in Cape Town, rubbing shoulders with FIFA’s crème de la crème and god knows who else, does not qualify as business in my book. Right now it is hay-in-the-making.

And speaking of turning opportunity into success, your son and this knot of boys, all tied up in a cheer as they prepare to steer their team to victory, they know that it takes focus, determination and maximum effort in order to succeed.

When your striker demonstrates belief in himself as he races off with the ball, looking to make a pass or to drive it within yards of the goal, his all-star position gets the glory as well as a load of pressure.

But with composure and flair so unique, your boy rolls his sleeves, gets to work and hopes the spine of his team will hold up.

Eventually, good things happen in front of the net.

And everyone joins in the celebration.

So mom, after all is said and done and your son's team loses the match, say something like:

"Good game.  You guys could have won, with a little luck.  You played well so be proud of yourself."

Because you and I both know, teamwork is nothing new to you.  After all, in the past month, you have handled the 9-5, the household, the boys, the homework, the soccer practices and tournaments.  You even managed a decent writing schedule (more like an insomnia antidote).  You volunteered to be an alternate driver in the resuscitated vanpool, thereby reducing your reading/writing time and increasing your daily stress.  It is understandable that you could not fit in a blogpost, depriving your readers of one or two dramatic episodes of the Vanpool Diaries.  Perhaps it is just as well because you don't want to get sued by a disgruntled rider when they read about it in a bestseller one day.  Accusations such as 'she defamed me' or 'she used personal characteristics that made me recognizable and then mixed them up with other traits that were false and defamatory' will fly and punitive amounts will be awarded.

Hmm...Who knows, maybe the hay that hubby is making might actually be wheat, enough of it to make bread

Salaams of the season to you and yours!

Mama Shujaa.